Safety Policy

It is important to get to know the other person by sharing experiences together. The more experiences you share,
the better your chances of avoiding hidden and sometimes unpleasant surprises. So allow time for a variety of
experiences to occur. Get to know the other person before meeting them offline.  Friends You and Me protects your
anonymity, get to know someone before disclosing personal information or meeting in person. Move slowly and pay
attention to the reality of making friends.

Always Be Respectful

Always be respectful and treat acquaintances as you would want them to treat you. You still need to carefully consider
whether this particular person is one with whom you would like to further a relationship. Not every new contact is going
to be right for you. If you feel the need to end communication, then be honest and polite. The sooner you address this
determination, the better for both of you. If a contact feels the need to end communication with you, please respect their


Passwords are an important aspect of computer security. A poorly chosen password may result in unauthorized access
and or exploitation of your resources. All users are responsible for taking the appropriate steps, as suggested, to secure
their passwords. Strong passwords have the following characteristics, and must contain a minimum of 8 digits. Consider
using upper case characters, numbers, and special" characters (@#$%^&*).

Do Nots

  1. Do not give financial information such as you social security number, credit card number or bank information) to
    people you don't know or you haven't met in person.
  2. Do not assist with personal transactions (depositing funds, shipping merchandise, etc). 
  3. Do not give out your credit card number or bank information.
  4. Do not share your Social Security Number, mother's maiden name, or other private  information that can be used to
    access your financial information.
  5. Do not send money to someone you meet online, especially by wire transfer; report it to us immediately, even if the
    person claims to be in an emergency.
  6. Do not continue to communicate with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial information or attempts in
    any way to trick you into revealing it.
  7. Do not give in to a sudden personal crisis and pressure that needs your help in providing financial assistance.
  8. Do not share Financial Information or Certain Personal Information.
  9. Do not leave unattended personal belongings such as purses, wallets, or clothes with pockets that contain items that
    could reveal personal information about you, such as a driver's license, credit cards and ATM receipts.
  10. Do not incur large expenses on a first meeting without first discussing how the cost will be divided. Remember, this 
    program is making friends, and you are not expected to pay for somebody else.

Be Aware of Someone Who

  1. Immediately asks to talk or chat on an outside email or messaging service.
  2. Makes an unreasonable amount of grammar and or spelling errors.
  3. Claims your introduction was "destiny" or "fate," in early communication and or tells inconsistent or
    grandiose stories..
  4. Wants the relationship to progress faster than you are comfortable going.
  5. Be especially wary if the person’s demands become increasingly aggressive.
  6. Asks inappropriate questions and gives vague answers to specific questions.
  7. Suddenly disappears from the internet site then reappears under a different name.
  8. Sends you emails containing strange links to third-party websites.
  9. Who has a fraudulent registration or profiles.

Judge of Character

It isn’t uncommon for people to say: “I have met many people and I believe that I am a good judge of character”.
We have had members who discovered that people whom they met and befriended were convicted felons or sex
offenders, when they had no knowledge of this information previously. The information that is obtained from a
thorough background investigation may not always be pleasant.             

       People who are most likely to deceive you are the ones with the most to hide. Criminals are people who identify
he weaknesses of others, and then exploit them. Even the best interviewers have been fooled. A person who intends
to use their position in associating with you is to gain a criminal advantage over you, that someone is probably very
good at "putting on a good face" for others. Thieves, sex offenders, and people prone to violent outbursts look and act
just like everyone else until they decide to do otherwise.


  1. Phoning with the other person is an important step in getting to know each other better. But before you
    share phone numbers, make sure you have discussed the need to respect each other's privacy. If either
    of you decide to end communication in the future, agree not to use the phone number as a means to
    pursue an unwanted relationship. For added security, try using your phone's privacy features when you
    call, like private number blocking.
  2. We work hard to terminate individuals who misrepresent who they are on our site, and we take member
    complaints seriously. If you have concerns about a particular member, please do not hesitate to contact
    us so that appropriate steps can be taken; Contact:
  3. Friends you and will never send you an email asking for your username and password information.
    Any such communication should be reported immediately.
  4. Be cautious and use common sense. If personal details provided by another person don't seem to add up,
    they behave suspiciously or pressure you for personal or financial information, block communications with
    that person and report them to us immediately.
  5. Report Concerns, and block and report suspicious users.We hope these guidelines will help to make your
    experience a success, and that you will find friends as so many others before you have done. Using these
    guidelines will go a long way in making your life better.